Monday, July 8, 2013

Hot! Hot! Hot!

Boston weather is virtually unmanageable these days. I literally walk out of the house and immediately start perspiring - not an attractive look. As a result, fashion has not be on the forefront of my mind. Comfort is the dominating factor and the only way I have found to stay somewhat cool is to adorn myself in the standard shorts and t-shirt ensemble. 

Stepping out of the "shorts/t-shirt" uniform for a night, I went out for one of my dear friend's birthdays and did end up dressing it up a bit. 

The dress is the Rebecca Taylor Flame Floaty Dress in Red. It was so comfortable and flattering - definitely a go-to for another night out. I love the simple, yet clean lines of Rebecca Taylor pieces and how they hit my body in just the right places. Gone are the days of a tight, tight fitted dress - not because of my inability to fit into them, but more because I want to be able to move and feel comfortable wherever the night may take me.

See full dress below:

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Angry; Scared; Disappointed

The bombings in Boston yesterday left me feeling everything. I woke up this morning hoping yesterday's events were only a nightmare, or figment of my imagination. They weren't. 

When the bombings in Madrid happened, I was sad but it was not my home.
When the bombings in London happened, I was hurt but it was not my home.
When 9/11 struck, I was outraged but it was not my home.

Boston is my home. It's where I raise my baby, walk my dog, run my business and live my life. The location of the explosions are a part of my weekly routine and once an area where I worked. 

I'm scared. I'm angry. And, most of all, I'm disappointed. 

Monday, April 15, 2013

Buttoned Up

I've never been one to wear button ups even in a work setting. Always feeling that they were a bit too masculine for my frame, I have avoided even trying them on for years. 

I'm not sure if it's a product of living in New England for the past six years or my willingness to try new things, but I have finally acquired my first button up! As you can see from my previous post, I spent some time recently in J. Crew and ended up with this cute "Boy Shirt In Dots."

I paired the top with skinny fitted white pants and flat sandals. Even though it was a casual afternoon, the combination made me feel classic and sophisticated. I also intend to take this beauty on our upcoming trip to wear with the shorts I purchased at the same time. 

The shirt is on sale now in-store and online!

A Case of the Mom Shorts

The hubby and I are gearing up for our first big trip away from the baby!

The Destination: Key West, Fl.
The Challenge: Shorts

Last summer, I really did not buy anything new after just having a baby and not wanting to face the fact that I would not fit back into my "normal" clothing for quite some time. 

When I did a quick glance at what I had to take with me on our trip, I suddenly realized that I was majorly lacking in the short department. With very limited time on my hands, I went to the only place I thought that could suit my needs -  J. Crew. 

In addition to a variety of very cute colors, J. Crew offers the rare option of different lengths of inseams for their shorts. I tried on the 3 inch short and felt that even though I am back to my pre-baby body, I just couldn't commit to showing that much leg. 

After a few rounds in front of the mirror in the dressing room and asking the opinions of random shoppers in the store, I settled on these 4 inch chino shorts in neon pink. 

The price point is only $45, and I was able to steal them for 20% off in store. I have to say after having a baby and less time to shop, when you find an item that fits and makes you feel good - it's worth it!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Rachel Roy

When I live in San Francisco, which feels like a million years ago, I used to love walking from our cute apartment in North Beach down to Union Square. San Francisco is well known for their small boutiques but I was always drawn to the bigger stores to seek out the best deals. I guess I am my mother's daughter!

The Macy's in San Francisco, pictured above, happens to carry a lower cost line of Rachel Roy.  I honestly had never heard of the designer until I began drooling all over her items. Ever since I have always kept an eye out for the Rachel Roy brand, which locally never seems to be in my budget.

That is until I traipsed over to TJ Maxx on a naughty whim and ended up leaving with this killer sandpiper color blocked coat. 

With the original retail set at a high $595, I was able to snag this little beauty on clearance for $120. Not too shabby! I'm heading to the ballet with some girl friends tomorrow night and will most definitely be wearing this!



I'm embarrassed that the last time I blogged was on Feb 20. It's hard to say why this is the case, but I just wanted to acknowledge it and move forward into the Spring season with a fresh new slate. So here is my apology dear readers, whoever you may be:

I vow to continue using this platform as a vehicle to give moms everywhere the confidence and insight as to how to get back to their once stylish selves. 

Much Love, 


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Zara Rediscovered

I first encountered Zara when I was studying abroad my junior year of college. Every major city in Europe is endowed with a Zara. The clothing was inexpensive, yet made well and fit the European style trends. Coming back to the states I felt I had scored a great deal uncovering the lovely Zara fashions from abroad.

A few years later, Zara made its way stateside, but it was not the same Zara I once knew in Barcelona, Rome and Paris. This Zara was a bit more expensive and the quality happened to decrease despite the price tag. Comparing to the likes of Forever 21 and H&M, Zara, to me, was just another low quality, middle cost product - until today.

I ran into Zara before a meeting to kill some time. I was surprised to find on-trend pieces throughout the store. Where have I been? Is this new or am I just out of touch? 

With spring fashions featured in every major store, I have looked for a light weight patterned pant to wear out and about. While there are many to choose from, their price tags are less than desirable.

I found these ethnic print wide trousers at Zara, $49,90 - great for the spring time with a white tank top and wedges.

I also scored this yellow dress, also from Zara. If you haven't been in the store recently, just pop in to see the surprising changes they have made.